School Health Services




Here is list of ITINERANT School Nurses and what schools they serve. PLEASE POST and utilize them appropriately. Please notify them for medical problems, medical emergencies, IEP, or 504 meetings, or any other health problems that arise in your building. Logan County has 5 RN’s and 6 LPN’s and will perform all aspects of nursing care and procedures.


Kristi Scaggs RN, BSN, CSN (o) 304-752-1307 Cell phone 304-687-0175

Media Center (Home Base)

Jennifer Vernatter RN, BSN school number 304-855-8378 cell phone 304-784-3963

Chapmanville Middle School (Home School)               


Amber Meade, RN, BSN, school number 304-855-4522 Cell phone 304-688-1931

Chapmanville Regional High School (Home School)                           

Hugh Dingess

Nikki Hatcher RN, BSN, CSN (o) 304-792-2161 Cell phone 304-688-3655                 

Logan High School (Home School)             

Verdunville Grade School

Brandi Canterbury Adkins, RN, BSN, CSN school number 304-752-1804 Cell Phone 304-920-5876                                           

Logan Middle School (Home School)                   

Holden Grade School

Bobbi Griffin-LPN school number 304-583-8316 (c)304-687-5973                                                                          

Man Elementary (home school)             

Man Middle School

Stephanie Sigmon-LPN school number 304-855-0081 (c)304-687-8645                                                            

Chapmanville Intermediate School       


Paula Stacy-LPN 304- school number 304-583-9132 9 (c) 304-687-3853

Buffalo (home School)

Angel Ray LPN school number 304-855- 3209 (c) 304-688-0145

Chapmanville Primary School

Lisa Harless School Number 304-583-6521 ext. 22 (c)304-687-5060

Man High School (home school)           

South Man Grade School

Carrie Curry LPN, school number 304-752-4180 (c)304-946-8803

Logan Grade School (home school)         


Just because you have an assigned school nurse that does not mean they are the only one that can come to your school. ALL SCHOOL NURSES CAN GO TO ANY SCHOOL AND FUNCTION WITHIN THEIR CAPACITY. We have emergencies that come up last minute and sometimes another nurse has to fill-in for another school.

Remember these are itinerant school nurses and can be moved according to need or they can remain at there home school and be assigned other services by the Building Administrator, Director of Student Services or the Superintendent of Schools.


Student Health Centers

Logan County Schools hosts two school-based health centers through the Lincoln Primary Care Center. The purpose of these locations is "to offer students easier access to healthcare and to provide consistent treatment while remaining in school."

Logan Wildcat Center
One Wildcat Way
Logan, West Virginia 25601

CRHS Tiger Center
200 Vance Street
Chapmanville, West Virginia 25508

Man Elementary and Middle School Health Center Coming 2015!