Elementary Education

Danita Noel - Director of Elementary Education and Title I 304-792-2076

Kelly Bryant - Coordinator of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction 304-752-1223

Katharine Ellis - Coordinator of Title I and PK 304-752-1266

Rhonda Preece - Family Engagement Coordinator 304-752-1240

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Elementary Achievement and Grading Reports

Elementary Scope and Sequence

Parent Information

Title I

Title I

Title I

Title I Danita Noel- Federal Programs & Elementary Director - 304-792-2076 ddnoel@k12.wv.us       

Katharine Ellis - Title I Coordinator - 304-752-1266 kaaellis@k12.wv.us

Rhonda Preece - Title I Family Engagement Coordinator - 304-752-1240 rjpreece@k12.wv.us

Doreen Ellis - Title I Secretary - 304-792-2067 dellis@k12.wv.us 

Pre K


Logan County Universal Pre K

Danita Noel - Elementary and Federal Programs Director - 304-792-2076 ddnoel@k12.wv.us

Katharine Ellis- Pre-K Coordinator - 304-752-1240kaaellis@k12.wv.us

Rhonda Preece - Family Engagement Facilitator 304-752-1240rjpreece@k12.wv.us

Doreen Ellis -  Title I Secretary 304-752-2067 dellis@k12.wv.us