Attendance Policy Guidelines

  1. The school will make meaningful contact with the parent/guardian beginning at three unexcused and again at five-day unexcused absences from school. (U1 and U2 codes)
  2. Students are allowed 10 parent notes for the school year. (I5 and I6 code)
  3. Any parent note after the 10 parent note limit has been reached will be considered unexcused. (P1-P2 code)
  4. All excuses for the absences must be presented to the school immediately following the absence or no longer than 3 days after the absence.
  5. Students are permitted unlimited doctor's excuses throughout the school year. (I3 and I4 code)
  6. All missed work during an absence is the responsibility of the student.
  7. Students must follow school tardy and early release procedures.
  8. Students driver's permits or license will be revoked upon 15 unexcused absences, failure to maintain adequate grades/credits, or behavior issues.
  9. Revoked license will be reinstated following one semester after the revocation if the student has demonstrated good attendance, behavior, and grades/credits.   A $50 fine must be paid to DMV in Charleston, WV.